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mayo_chiki! pantsu pino_(straight) seifuku thighhighs usami_masamune

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i am still new to adding/making tags and i cant figure this out...

i want to add the tag "twintails" to this but dont know how.
twintails refers to the twintails hair style.
it is also know as pigtails, double pony tails and many others but twintails and pigtails is the most common.
i would really like to start adding twintails tag to things

is this possible?
We're not adding new tags of that type AFAIK
I thought we already had a twintails tag; I think it would be handy. Of course, then people would probably want to start tagging all hairstyles, and that might get out of control.
true they might want to start tagging all hairstyles but twintails is the heart and soul for anime... that and lolis
The only tags we need are artist, circle, character, copyright and fault. But that's purely IMO