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ashita_no_kimi_to_au_tame_ni misaki_kurehito pantsu seifuku thighhighs wakamiya_asuka wallpaper

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it should be an wallpeper instead of game cg, since it's a guest illust.
The correct spelling for title should be "あすのきみとあうために"(asu_no_kimi_to_au_tame_ni), I'm not familiar with the alias thing, someone get it done?
It is indeed shorten as "asukimi", but it doesn't mean the full name is spelled as asu as well. Don't find an offical spelling of its full name, but wiki, nico dic and vndb use "ashita". Is there any official ref? maybe in game characters would read its title?
It's "ashita". In the game menu, the characters said it as well.