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funny because the Shana poster in Nyantype is so similar with the showerhead and all, yet so much better because we can see more of Shana's skin and her curve, despite how there's more steam
That's because steam isn't as solid as a curtain.
Also, Shana in post #196492 looks a lot worse art-wise. Specifically her horrible body proportions.
The thing is, some adult women really do have hips that big irl, as big as Shana's in the Nyantype poster, although Shana is actually a loli, thus her body should appear skinnier and straighter.
And is that supposed to make her look more appealing or what?
Cause it isn't to me really.
People have different tastes I guess. You don't like lolis, that's common; I do and therefore like that hot Shana picture.