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mikeou pantsu thighhighs

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Skipped scanning reproductive galleries sorry (´・ω・`)
Did only images I didn't scanned.

I first processed them with lower filtering, but the results was very ugly on my new monitor.
Then I filtered them at the maximum level to erase all noises, especially on the brights (anti bleed through).
I'm not quite sure what they look on others.

(ps. I learned one thing while filtering them. don't enhance saturation before filtering. it surely enhances noises)
When you say reproductive galleries do you mean the images people cross posted here from AP? Since your work is vastly superior then folks should just leave the AP scans for Moeoh on AP if that is the case.
I mean only scans I did in the past. but my memory isn't sure about what were done by me or not.
Scans I did for the site are over 10000 already (*◔‿◔)♡
Well, I for one appreciate the effort. Given how time consuming it is a thank you is the least the rest of us can offer.