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bottomless cleavage fate/stay_night fate/zero matou_sakura sono

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Radio: before you start uploading why not click "find artist" for these pixiv ones.
Don't get around to posting much and I just noticed this the other day too :P

Much better than having to upload then getting the message of "check for dupe"
Aoie: You're confused again. Fireattack is referring to the 'find artist' option next to the source field.
BTW, for a uploaded post, it appears under the tagbox as well.
Just tested it another upload and it came back with 21 results for the artist. Um, that's not useful.
It only works with the artists on our DB -- like sono, you can see his pixiv direct image link on URLs: http://img25.pixiv.net/img/rlagpfl9090/18518549_m.jpg

The system will match any source have "img25.pixiv.net/img/rlagpfl9090/*" part and find the artist. For the one we didn't add to artist DB yet, it can only match "img25.pixiv.net/img/*" which is invalid.
Understood. I'll do the ones that I can.
虫儿飞 虫儿飞   
冷风吹 冷风吹   
虫儿飞   花儿睡   
不怕天黑   只怕心碎