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bleed_through christmas feet momo_velia_deviluke nopan tail to_love_ru to_love_ru_darkness yabuki_kentarou

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Yabuki really knows how to deliver a good Christmas gift!

Now to wait until some awesome person appears with a detexted version of this and all will be perfect!
Nojodaaaaa!! de verdad que con esto, Yabuki-sensei me adelantó la Navidad XD...esta imagen de Momo será mi nuevo Xmas wallpaper :) hehehehe
no feet tag????? they are almost perfect imo.
FootFetish said:
no feet tag????? they are almost perfect imo.
Added. And yes, I agree, fellow feetbro.
Dear author,
please accept my bother you here, because I have to apologize to you, I really like your Illustrations, such as the feet, but I have not been allowed on plagiarism the feet on my Illustration, I really I'm sorry, my goal is just to learn, but to bring you the trouble.
Please forgive me!
Im so sorry!
Wait was this the legit artist? Lol