animal_ears dress hitomaru monochrome nekomimi

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This is a digital release, isn't it? Why aren't the full resolution files distributed?
Cause that's not how normal distribution works.
That's like asking why pixiv users don't upload their original full res pics.
But aren't digital releases for sale?
If you pay for it, you should receive the full size picture... Or is it free distribution? I don't know how it works.
Well either way I disagree with resizing pictures...
Thanks for the answer though.
Sorry I couldn't think of better wording earlier.
But it's the exact same case as an artbook, even if you bought it, you aren't entitled to, say, go up to the publisher and ask for the original digital raws.
Even if they are only JPEG digitals, not PSD? Hm, I had never thought of that. What a shame! We're losing so many epic content from so many epic artists... Sigh.