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I think she has something wrong with her. I've never had a girl drool as I screw her.
Moan, scream, twitch, writhe; these things I have seen, but never drool.
A girl who is 17-18 can be tagged as "loli"? o__O
Trit said:
A girl who is 17-18 can be tagged as "loli"? o__O
the meaning of loli is for prepubescent girls, says the dictionary.
but the use here it's more for:
"An attractive, cute looking girl with small breasts. The girl in this case does not have to be any particular age, but she is usually in her teens or early 20's." so yeah~
yeah Trit loli qualification are the following:
prepubescent (bald/hairless); petite, daintly, or small/short stature; and small/ flat chested girl with incredibly kawaii (meaning cute) ways, looks, and personality