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has sasawa worked in fashion magazines? hes job is really great, with a lot of detail and so simple at the same time
Hermes666 said:
with a lot of detail
He needs to work on his animal drawing skills.
This is true... The dog anatomy looks like it's a human. But the girl is uber uh-mazing. And so are the colors and the umbrella.
bunch of newbies, this is his best post #180297
But mine is labeled 初夏, Early summer :P
post #180297 post #180299 post #130821 post #139052 are my favorites... I like most of his drawings a lot, it's really hard to pick only one, hahaha. He is fantastic, seriously. Doesn't he have some sort of artbook or something? I had never heard of him before. I'm a bit shocked he isn't more well-known. (or at least I'm just too outdated orz)
It's hard if you aren't drawing boobs and ass on every pic.