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Ryu no sumu seiiki (Sacred Home of the Dragon)

「日本」がテ一マと言うことで、頭に浮かんだのが「按」「巫女」「龍」でした。 (龍はもともと中国神話かもしれませんが)
多少詰め込みすぎた感はありますが、華やかな日本のイメージが伝われば 幸いです。

When I heard that the theme was to be ‘Japan’ the first things that came to my mind were ‘cherry blossom’, ‘miko’ (shrine maiden) and ‘dragon’ (although dragons may originally belong to Chinese mythology)
I combined these elements to create this Japanesque fantasy.
It feels as though I may have tried to pack too much in, but if I succeed in transmitting an enchanting image of Japan, I will be quite happy.
keg miko

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