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Sosetsu no akari (The Light of Blue Snow)


Hello, my name is TINKLE.
The theme is Japan so I decided to create the image I have of a young Japanese girl.
If you think about Japanese girls realistically, you have either contemporary high school girls or alternatively traditional girls in kimono, like Japanese dolls, however I decided not to be realistic and instead depict my ideal girl.
Her clothes are reminiscent of a kimono but consist of lace and frills, the setting appears to be a nocturnal bamboo grove in the snow but the bamboo is translucent and grows up from the surface of the water. A single figure dances through this cold, silent, yet beautiful world, and while this is a strictly personal opinion, she is the image of a perfect Japanese girl.
However, her true quality lies not in her external appearance, but in her inner being and I hope that I have been able to transmit this to you all.
dress lolita_fashion tinkle

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In Tinkie we trust ... HOT DAMN THIS IS SO GOOD!
I LOVE Tinkle now... This is breathtaking
How does one print this on a A4 format with the same quality as an art book picture? You know, the glossy, HD, sharp, detailed kind. I never printed any pictures before so im totally new to all that, just like i am new to this site. It just seems a waste to only have this as your desktop wallpaper.
very expensive printers + the correct paper + the correct type of ink.
realistically you are better off going to one of those photography stores and getting a poster print done.