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As I write this comment today, it is the early March and it is snowing outside. ‘Rain today...' I thought as I took a taxi to see the otorhinologist, but when I went outside afterwards I found that the world had been turned white. Last summer saw record-breaking temperatures but this winter it has snowed several times, even here in the city. Is this the coming of the end of the world? Or is it all an illusion and I am approaching my end? Whichever it may be, there are lots of things that I would like to do before it ends. The thing I would most like to do is see what the world looks like after it is over. They say that we go to Heaven or Hell after death, but who wants that? I was born in Japan so I think it is only fair that I should be allowed to choose to watch the sun rise over Japan for about another 10,000 years. This is what I was thinking while I was painting—that is what I was going to give as my comment and I only thought of this after I had finished. How strange is providence in this world. By the way, I love their first album.
sword tenmaso wings

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