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Poyoyon Rock

Watashi-rashiku {Typical of Me)

て〜まの、じやばんを表現しょうとすると、昔の物ばかりになるなあ〜とおもい、あえて今をて〜まに表現したいと、いろいろかんがえたわたしのこたえは、今のわたしらしい、わたし好みの、じやばんのあにめ&まんが絵にしかいないような、おにやのこさん描く事でしたあ〜 0(^-^)o

It is the year 20XX! This is a fighting samurai girl, 14 years old.
When expressing the theme, Japan, pictures tend to be filled with old things but I wanted to express the ‘now’. I gave this a lot of thought and decided to draw something typical of me—the kind of girl who appears in Japan’s manga and anime, the kind of girl I love. o(^-^)o
school_swimsuit swimsuits sword thighhighs watanabe_akio

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