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Ryo Ueda

Hikyo (A Hidden Spot)


Hello, how do you do? I am Ryo Ueda. The theme was ‘Japan’ but I have mixed in some slightly western elements to produce an atmosphere similar to that of my usual work.
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Why is this in the eshi100 pool?
Part of the book. Not all ueda ryou's illustartions are just from doujins.
I'm so glad someone scanned Eshi 100. This is one of my favorite artbooks! There's a new Eshi 100 exhibition going on right now, and another artbook coming out that I will definitely be getting as well.
I'm just surprised since I thought that all the illustrations for Eshi 100 was a) drawn specifically for the event and b) followed the theme of "Japanese girl". This is both a character from an older doujin and is, well, not "Japanese".