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bathing kasukabe_akira male naked nao_(otosuki) otokonoko_wa_meidofuku_ga_osuki!? trap

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Based on the comment... is this a TRAP lol?

or I read it wrongly...?
holy crap! this is a boy!
I'm sorry but, I must say, spelling "stoopid" makes you look retarded.
i_am_a_boat said:
ur stoopid
Yeah I agree with WtfCakes... It's not stoopid.... Stoopid...
WtfCakes, you're wrong. It makes him look COOL! >:C

Okay, in all seriousness, it's pretty ridiculous.
pretty, cute, and nice trap.
what a XXX a man who with such pink nipples !!!
I love traps......they're the best!!!