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breast_hold cleavage effordom_soft fujimori_yuu koikishi_purely_kiss pantsu panty_pull thighhighs uniform yuuki_hagure

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One of these two should be photoshopped, since i don't believe two scans can has exaclty same pixels cept eyes.. even though it's too pro i can't distinguish at all.

And it seems not in moeoh 2012-06 (it has a gallery of koikishi purely kiss though).
[edit] found it, a very tiny one... eyes like post #214024
I took a quick look, and post #213147 is the definitely a photoshop. The hair lines of post #213147 near the eyes are very messy and faint [hint: look at the blue channel], which are strong signs they were completely redrawn.

On the other hand this post #214024 has strong consistent hair lines throughout, which post #213147 matches as soon as you get away from the eyes. Overall I'd say the person did a good job though, since it's not all that obvious when viewed at 100%.
Interesting. I guess it's always possible it's a yuuki_hagure official photoshop, and that's just how the lines of the other look when scanned, heh. Though as far as these two posts are concerned, this one does appear to be the original artwork which the other was based on, for whatever that's worth.
A nice reproduction work...