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male monster takayama_toshiaki weapon

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Uinn said:
Yeah, if you take into account the face & pecs. Someone could check the pixiv tags just in case.
I find this picture very interesting, I haven’t seen this type of dragon art work before. The fact that it has a harnest instead of just standing their as if it’s no problem at all to ride one is what pops out in the picture to me. I also like the character And i noticed how he has the perfect mixture of cultural backgrounds. (at least in my opinion) Notice the lance and the Katana? Not only that but he gives off this matador type essence to him, i like that as well.

I’m pretty sure I’ll edit this later on, as long as i remember to edit it. the problem with that type of art *painted* is the pixels don’t always conform to the art work for me. for example, I’ll color all the pixels the right color but when i zoom out the art work just looks noticeable edited and i hate that, I’d rather recolor art work so it pops out more or conforms to my idea of what the picture should look like for me. (beats the hell out of paying commission for a recoloring that’s for sure)
It's more like a gargoyle to me.