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breast_grab cleavage feet haruna_(zombie) kore_wa_zombie_desu_ka loli naegleria_nebiros pantsu tabara_shinobu yuri

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Okay, big boobs are fine, but what the hell is wrong with THESE?
It's not just not my type anymore, but completely ruins the picture.
You can stick your dick inside those nipples of hers. I don't see the problem.
Why does Zombie always have terribly drawn Nyantype/Megami posters?
The butthurt that massive boobs pics generates already makes them worth posting.
want ... to ... stick a needle in those balloons
Mother of boobs, wow ... Horribad.
The boobs aren't even the problem in this picture.
...someone lend him an anatomy book, please.
Seriously.. Her tits looks like some kind of tumor..
Woah... That's so huge it's ridiculous... And that's just the beginning of the Many problems of this picture...

Apparently, her original design from the novel is far cuter, and anatomically correct. Also, the size of the breasts is actually believable there as well.

Also, she looks like the anime version of 10 Guy.
the glow looks so awesome, skin created from metal ?