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Huuunh?! Is this another impossible anime body figure?
Why, oh why? There are many other images out there that scream to be shopped! Assuming this one was originally drawn by CLAMP, there's no surprise to the figure. The pose also looks weird but it's not impossible to do and looking at her feet it's a "catch the moment" situation.
nope, still not possible, she SHOULD have a left shoulderblade that restricts her arm movement backwards. in this picture she seems to have it disjointed.... just like her hipbone...
Actually I agree that it's not possible for Kallen. She was portrayed a sporty character in the anime but never to this extent. But generally it's not impossible, there are people who can bend over their whole body and stretch their arms and legs in abstract directions at the same time. Those kind of people can't have a normal (whether healthy or not I don't know) body and are mostly shown in acrobatics shows. At least there're plenty like that in Chinese martial arts shows (I visited some before).