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bathing breast_hold caro_ru_lushe fate_testarossa fujima_takuya jpeg_artifacts loli mahou_shoujo_lyrical_nanoha mahou_shoujo_lyrical_nanoha_vivid naked nove onsen sein subaru_nakajima takamachi_nanoha teana_lanster towel

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There's not even a single loli here though?
Well, we could count Caro in but she's 16 here and the focus is really not on her.
I don't care about lolis, but if it is such a big deal for you, you can still go to the next pic post #216465 and fix the color issue on the upper part (if you can/want).
The policy around here is to tag purely on the appearance of things within images, because most people (and especially people you can get in trouble with) will likely not know or care about a character's background, just on what they see in front of them.
I know, my complaing was that even she is just close to being one (even by appearance) so tagging this picture as loli might be overdoing it a bit.
Well I understand the reasons, just wanted to point that out.

...I also hate Nanoha franchise for what it's become, but that's irrelevant.
Love you Fate the you look aweasome like usual