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mogu pantsu puella_magi_madoka_magica thighhighs tomoe_mami wallpaper

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i love the colours of this image xD
mami is probably the only 'beautiful' or 'pretty' one out of the series
I disagree. All characters are 'beautiful' or 'pretty' in their own way.. That's why I like the series..
Someone needs a portrait monitor lol.
Madoka is the most beautiful/pretty girl.
Mami is the bustiest, or most erotic, but not the most beautiful.
Homura-most beautiful
I'd like to understand the funcionality of the tag pantsu. I mean, I thought that people searched for pantsu, they wanted to see huge, explicit pantsu shots, or some skirts accidentally lifting or something. What I see here is like a few millimeters of some cloth that is probably pantsu. One can't even recognize it by the (lack of) shape, only by the place it is. Is this tag purely descritive? Is it necessary to tag this with pantsu?

(I extend this to tags as lolita_fashion, for an example. There are some clothes who are just a little bit lolita, others are really really lolita, what is the "limit" to say something should be tagged with this or that?)
Debbie said:
I'd like to understand the funcionality of the tag pantsu.
It has no function. Other than...
To define rating, but this ammount doesn't seem enough.