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Can anyone tell me what this girls name is. She's not in any of my books so I'm assuming she must be in the game. Anyplace I have searched came up with nothing. Anyone know?
I want her name too! :(
Some one told me her name was Shit ... I kid you not. I took that with a grain of salt, so I don't believe that's her real name.
Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if it was something like that. There's a new game coming out with art by Kannatsuki Noboru. There's a cute elf girl in it. Her name? Farta. I shit you not. So yeah, never underestimate the ability of Japanese to use names we would find highly amusing or silly ;)

Anyone who remembers this image: http://moe.imouto.org/post/show/11194/bra-breasts-elf-kannatsuki_noboru-nopan-pantsu-tag

I guessed it was gonna be a new game months ago, finally I was proven right :D

I suppose that's true. Shit to the Japanese might mean an entirely different thing than what it means to english speaking folks.
Shita and Shite are both common words, so yeah, pretty much :)
If anyones interested I found out her name finally. It's Elmina.