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Ryohka isn't the same as before. I see this through the newest Dengeki Moeoh's covers.
(at least, to my eyes... That's a pity.)
I wonder if you guys have the same feeling or I'm the only one thinking shit.

(edit: some of the recent uploads are pretty nice though, however there are some drawings that look off. (to me at least.) here are some that I think that look pretty good... I hope you can understand what I mean comparing to others, at least post #210129 post #215102 post #210131 and post #212325 -> the head is a bit weird but other than that it's really good. And sorry for saying odd things out of nothing.)
I guess the question is how far back are you talking? To my eyes the style has stayed pretty much the same for the last few years, though it is moving slowly away from the rounder shapes that make things look so cute IMO so I like the newest drawings somewhat less than the older ones myself I must admit. Poses that just seem off because of perspective issues are the biggest problem with some of the recent works IMO.

Still one of my favorite artists though. My first avatar image was a Ryohka one and I have yet to feel any need to change it.
I agree with you. I still appreciate her art, but it's starting to move away from my favorites... I see some issues in the anatomy sometimes, and on poses too, and at times the head and eyes look a bit odd. Things that didn't happen much in the past, or I didn't notice. Her drawings aren't that sweet and... delicate? Anymore.. It looks... More grotesque, Idk how to explain. I can't find good words to explain, you did a much better job.

It's sad that most of my favorite artists are changing styles in a way I don't appreciate much... Like Miwa Yoshikazu, Tinkle (must love Tinkle's old art), Carnelian, Show(rinne), Shaa, even Urotan. Tsurusaki Takahiro is too unstable to conclude anything about but I like most of his recent drawings. sigh so unlucky, must go after old stuff
she's draws the same ol, same ol stuff anyways. Nice illustrations with a bit of creativity and really pretty at times but that's all :P
To me Goma Satoshi nails this style of cute the best, but ever since the Moeoh Lovers 10 lineup changed (maybe this was a while back....?) there haven't been any new illustrations more or less. At least we got Sayori out of the deal with the new lineup.........

Tinkle is still great, just in a different way now IMO. I'm not an artist so I can't claim to say from experience, but I would think the very nature of being creative and wanting to express yourself in this medium means not maintaining the same style forever. You'd just stop doing it altogether after becoming bored enough right? Hence the need to try new things and styles.
You are right about expressing yourself, being creative and not maintaining the same style forever (or at least I think so) Xcalibur, however Tinkle's style from like 3 years until today doesn't fit my tastes that well as their very old style did. That's all orz
(I say the same to Miwa Yoshikazu and etc.)
I loved when Takahiro was on the lovers 10. To me, he was the best. Inugami Kira is pretty good, too. Goma Satoshi is really cute and delicate, beautiful drawings (but a bit generic looking) however the proportions are nearly perfect and ghhhhhhh one can really see the effort on Goma's pictures.
I really appreciate Sayori's efforts and details but not my type orz
I recognize she is a fairly awesome artist though.
Maybe not all artists become bored, maybe they don't see keeping the same style as boring, it depends on how you face it.
She simply needs to draw more clothing, lately she's been doing too little lol.
Ryohka's heads are like this in these kind of poses. Though this one might be slightly elongated vs. the regular stuff. Still one of my fav, no questions asked!

I was worried I might not like her newer art style 5 years ago (suzu*can 15?) but seems I was worried for nothing.