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bikini hello_good-bye hiiragi_koharu lump_of_sugar moekibara_fumitake swimsuits

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not game cg,where did it come from?
also not like user-created image...post #218752
can anyone who have deleted image reupload to somewhere please , thank you
They should be on eshuushuu.
I see fireattack has favorited it so I'll let him make a decision.

WtfCakes said:
They should be on eshuushuu.
I meant the deleted posts. They aren't from the original game, but can be found on eshuushuu.

[Edit] Woah nvm, they were deleted on eshuushuu too.
here it is
so it's not original game cg,and not like user-created image beacuse in this post,the hero is same as hello goodbye's