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bra cameltoe cura garter_belt loli maid pantsu stockings thighhighs

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The filtering is rather crap.
Indeed. Still glad to see Moeoh scans actually showing up here again nevertheless.
need more editors....got a nice backlog of scans that need to be processed
never did this before. But I'm learning new things right now anyway. just completed my first scanning and cleaning work. Maybe I'll be able to learn good editing too.
Every moeoh has been scanned btw. They're sitting in the unedited folder.
Should get on IRC during prime time and show us your results, Talec.
I have my own personal folder for editing/cleaning images before they go in the collection. I fear I'm not nearly good enough at it to contribute though. All I do is pass them through noise ninja and adjust colors a bit.
crim said:
Every moeoh has been scanned btw.
... Wow.