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cleavage riv soloist stockings sword thighhighs

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we start using 450dpi directly?

and they remind me of suemura quality..
fireattack said:
we start using 450dpi directly?

and they remind me of suemura quality..
I left them at the original scanning dpi. Is that a problem? It's easy enough to change. I also have no idea who/what suemura is. >_>
We usually resize to 400, 350 or 300 so it looks better and make it easier to process in some cases.
Suemura is the guy from Animepaper that scans the Megami /Nyantype posters, Fireattack probably refers on how the lines look at such resolution.
I don't mind re-upping them at a lower dpi. Just let me know. ^^
Yeah, it's really appreciated if you can upload it again.
dovac told me 450 is fine, so I might just leave them up for now. I mean, it's easy to download and lower the dpi yourself, if you think they look poor at this resolution. (I think they look fine, personally, but that seems to be subjective.)

But the next doujinshi I process, I will put up at 300dpi, to avoid complaint. :P
iirc long time ago midzki edited scans at 600dpi. And then we realized that it's kinda pointless since most of books even don't have that big dpi when printing. Which means, a 600dpi scan won't have more "info" in it than a 300dpi one. Instead, the detail may be ruined due to heavy filtering, which imo has happened on this image. BTW, scanning them as 450dpi is in order to ensure the quality in the step of scanning.

And i'm not blaming you, if it sounds like I oplogize. Would expect your next editing.
Yes, just look at those words and you will see it has been over-filtered.
It's still a nice picture though, but it's not a very well-scanned one.