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Catch my beautiful ass
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U know....we should just have a pool just for asses....the perfect.ass pool


Should start looking for some pictures...
Kiminobokuwa said:
U know....we should just have a pool just for asses....the perfect.ass pool
Well, reading the entry for "pools" in the help section, it does seem like part of the point of pools is for subjective lists like that, but all they normally get used for is for grouping images from art books or magazines (which isn't subjective at all). Given how the mods around here usually think though, I'd be very surprised if they thought that a pool for great asses was acceptable, no matter what the help section says. It's too close to debating over what tags are acceptable or not, and most of the mods don't want there to be many tags. So, if anything, I'd expect the help section entry to be fixed rather than them letting such a pool be created.

It would be kind of cool IMHO to have a way to easily search great asses (or other arbitrary stuff like that), but it's so subjective that it would be ripe for arguments. And searching for ass does get you a good selection of asses, even if they aren't all great ones, so it's not like you're completely at a loss for ways to find them. At least there is a tag for something like that, which wouldn't be the case for a lot of other stuff like that that you might want to search for (e.g. redheads or tall girls or mature women or whatever you could think up that you'd be interested in finding images for that there's no tag for). Tagging is already a touchy subject around here. We don't need to make pools a touchy subject as well.
Kiminobokuwa said:
Why not?
Pools are for images in the same artbook, magazine, doujinshi, etc.

A lot of the help pages are actually out of date.
'Catch my JPEG-artifacted ass!' Obviously someone didn't translate it properly.
The help pages is leftovers from when we forked danbooru code and have not gotten around to update it...I'll put it on my todo list.
Just search for ass order:score - not sure if that will actually make a working link