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she seems to enjoy it though...
This is a unique illustration of the Greek myth of Andromeda who was lined up for sacrifice to a sea monster, but rescued by Perseus. Both were turned into constellations. The galaxy is M31, a prominent feature in Andromeda. Thought you might like to know all that...
lol wut... Hentai with well researched background story ?
Awesome, should import the rest of xetton, too. I like his artstyle
goddesses are always old! :p
well... are all the xetton pics with historic myth background? i just have such a feel, can someone find out?
looking at the others i imported :

one looks like from wiking stuff
one looks like egyptian (cleopatra?)
and another one has brunhild (german stuff)
Out of all the hentai artwork i have seen. By far this must be one of the most well presented pices i have seen. She is a very beautiful lady setting that is very very well drawn out. I like the stars and the comos kind of stuff. Plus the chains give me it that extra kink and its just spectacular.