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amecyan areola bottomless elf feet garter len lingerie loli melty_blood mogami_mikan pointy_ears soraho tsukihime white_len yuri

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8 minutes after the upload, and this issue comes up again...
RanKizama said:
It's "Len", not "Ren"
It is. I even have "Melty Blood Act Cadenza" for the PC, and their names are Len and White Len. I can provide a screenshot as proof.
The tag on danbooru is "ren". There's a substantial benefit in using the same tags. We shouldn't deviate without a strong enough reason to outweigh that, and there isn't one here.
In japanese, there are not any difference between Ren and Len, the both of them is written "レン" ( in katakana ) or "れん" ( in hiragana ). But japanese people write it ( in romanji ) "Ren".