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fixed lolita_fashion pantyhose tinkerbell tinkle

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Flattened (remove the un-used alpha channel), and compressed it properly.. the child post is totally uncompressed so that it's as big as bmp.
Wtb the version where she's winking!
这图终于合好了 顶个
Ah yes. Finally the full version. Been waiting for this.
WtfCakes said:
Wtb the version where she has naked legs!
WtfCakes said:
pansuto > bare legs!
I like the bare legs version
but i can't understand why is it called H ver. lol
I can't find it, Pikatto's new site layout is too derp.
13108771352 said:
Fixed that for you.
why not add a pantyhose tag for this image?
I love tinkle art.The girl and her clothes is so cute.But I really love the skirt design and I love how pantyhose looks like in the art(I'm a huge fan of anime girl mainly a cute girl or a loli with pantyhose)The pantyhose looks amazing