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if you look at the pool, these are all five new pictures of Kantoku.
I have finals so I am not going to bother with the rest 8 old pictures(available in this website, check tag). I got the calendar from amiami, it is wrapped and mailed to me, somehow this really becomes trouble when removing noise
If you want to scan the rest, feel free to do so !
Thanks for scanning, Twinsenzw.
Thanks a bunch for scanning, Twinsenzw! Btw. how exactly can I see what other 8 pages are part of the calendar? I'd like my folder to be complete even if there's old stuff.
I for one hope someone scans the other ones, I'd rather like the set with the calendar bits on them, and some of them could benefit from new scans.
Still, thanks for the new ones~
thx for scanning.I just bought tinkle's calendar,maybe i should consider this one.
thanks and good luck on ur finals
Thankyou Very Mouch Twinsenzw!!