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cleavage dress megurine_luka vient vocaloid wedding_dress

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A wedding dress, eh? Well, that's fine...as long as I'm the one she's marrying! (^_^)
...Mine. (/O^O)/
I regret to inform you... But I already kinda laid her... I am sorry for any negative emotions this has caused you.( or loved ones)
I shall simply pretend that you never did such a thing... My name does not include fantasy for no reason. I shall now go away into my fantasy with a pure, untainted (didn't mean that in a bad way) Luka. Weee~
I feel sorry for the both of you fine gentlemen... But she was my waifu a long, long, LONG time ago....
I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't want to fight! All I wanted to do was see Luka in her magnificent wedding dress! I'm sorryyyyyyyyyyy! ~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ \( T^T)/
You're getting it all wrong. She's waiting for Miku obviously to take her to the altar and marry her. So stop with your fantasies!