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ann_(busou_shinki) arnval arnval_mk.2 bathing busou_shinki hina_(busou_shinki) loli nozaki_atsuko strarf strarf_mk.2 towel

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they can stay in the water? so magic
WilliamDLord said:
they can stay in the water? so magic
Why not? My friend's Sony XPERIA AX (NTT DoCoMo version of XPERIA V) can stay in warm water for 30 minutes while she's going to bath. Basically, to make Shinki becomes Waterproof is not science fiction, just put silicone rings on the both sides of the contact surfaces of Shinki Parts to protect connectors (The rings will slow down the intrusion process of water for a period of time, If the parts aren't seperated under the water). For the body, since it contains Battery, Machinery and other important things, there will be 2 options. Using silicone rings or using monocoque-design body (I prefer this because it can waterproof plus prevent any modification by users which can harm the hardware)