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love this post
Interesting imagery for the two hottest months of the calendar...
Just by looking at "calendar" "pussy" "penis" tags

Why would someone buy an ero calendar? Calendars were made to be exposed?
I might have to start deleting comments that are being zombied that has no value.
Zombied? I have no idea what you mean with this, but I hope you are not talking to me.
As in raised from the dead. Doesn't really seem to apply here though if you ask me. It's not like the new commenter is picking up a conversation of 1 year ago.
Resurrecting a thread with a pointless comment is grounds for deletion.
... ? I posted the comment on the picture on the same day the guys posted his.

But you can always delete it if it's better doing so.
Debbie, no worry it's not toward at you.
挡中央 said:
i was shocked
Now that's how you zombie a thread.