armor chenbo elf monster_girl pointy_ears sarah_louise_kerrigan starcraft sylvanas_windrunner thighhighs wings world_of_warcraft

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Oh cmn... has been a while since i uploaded anything related to the WoW, also Chenbo's technique is quite good.
Hate you mod!
i undelete it until someone gonna to delete all the chenbo world_of_warcraft images.
Woot, tears actually worked >.<
Love you Fireattack!!!
It was Dovac's judgement of them as "off-topic" back then. As I appreciate the artwork, I must recognize some of them differ a lot of what we seek. Including this one.
Mmm that might be true, and now that you point it out i must recognize the same, i'll have that in mind from now on.
I don't mind if we just delete them all. But not only to delete some of them which makes uploaders confused.
I don't really care either way now, up to the mods~~~
I don't think stuff from western games is "on topic" unless it's done in moe style.
Lots of pics that we already have are not "moe style" ...
Superb! Love it. Blizzard fan here <3!