hayase_mitsuki kimi_ga_nozomu_eien overfiltered scanning_resolution seifuku suzumiya_haruka

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huge image, load original at your own risk and safety
huge you say? it's only 121mb! ;)
I'll gladly download this. I'll even put it on my iPod
admin2 said:
Great waste of bw >_>
as if 1 100mb pic would matter anything, if the site is @ 60gb already with like 4mb / pic average... ;)
it is a great waste of bw for a not very clear scan imbo.
I've already got this on my machine, and the quality isn't great. Not worth downloading unless you are masochistic...
Probably a 1200DPIish scan, which is fine before processing, but the resolution should be dropped after descreening. There's no point in keeping it that high; there's just not that much information in the source...
more huge pict lease ~hope~
but when i looked at my HDD space my soul gone...
10Mb left....
still it huge pict ~good~
MY GOD!i've seen big resolutions before but this is nuts.
how do you download?
Anonymous said:
how do you download?
right click / save image as / choose directory ^^