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Sunrise is recycling - They took a whole bunch of Character from Mai Hime / Mai otome and stuck them in a racing game.
here is the offical site. if you click around under system you will find a rena sayers look alike.

Not sure which one you're talking about, and what you say maybe right given that this particular (third in the "road to the infinity" series) game came out last year. However, if it is the Rena with blue hair girl then you're wrong. She first appear in Cyber Formula RPG game long before any MaiHime/Otome first aired.
I'm merely pointing out similarities. I've never played this game or any of it's predecessors so I am no authority.
The Mai Hime series is my only frame of reference. It would not surprise me if these character designs were used and re-used many times before ever being in the anime.