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I start to can't distinguish 323 and Amazuyu..
Mitsumi Misato's style tend to be more delicate and somehow more adult looking, longer bodies.
Amaduyu is more... full of curves, with mouth closer to chin. Amaduyu's bodies tend to be shorter and chubbier than Misato's too.
This is why I believe this is Amaduyu's work.

Compare Amaduyu's hand post #243552 with Misato's hand post #243555 and with the hands of this post.
Also, Misato's body post #243562 and Amaduyu's body post #243557

Well the main stuff I see that are different among them are the face, hair, and body style. And it's not even that different... The rest is almost identical. It's scary how can two people draw so similar. (ok, Kobuichi and Muririn are really scary)
choux said:
3(み)2(つ)3(み) みさと

and thanks, debbie.
You're welcome, glad to help!!!
Oooooooh. I thought that 323 was some new artist they dragged in to do guest work or something (like Nakamura Takeshi did for a while).
And speaking of similar artists, Tinkle is the scariest in my mind. I can still tell Kobuichi and Muririn apart, but I cannot tell apart Setsuna and Bell.
There are distinct differences but only if you're willing to take the time to distinguish b/t the two since sometimes their illustrations are very similar. Especially when you look through the Calenders, very difficult at times >.>

Got this doujin scanned but still need to denoise it, will be done umm.. after my physics and calc 3 exam this thursday? :P (probably not)

ps: The cover for the doujin makes a great mini poster too :P
I'm still hanging on to how you said you'd scan the cut a dash 2012 calendar~
choux said:
I'm still hanging on to how you said you'd scan the cut a dash 2012 calendar~
It's scanned, but i don't have the time to denoise them. I've only gotten about 3 scans completed. At the moment understanding Electric Potential & Vectors in 3D space is more important :P