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How is the moderating queue supposed to work? My thought is, if you don't like one image in it, just leave it to other mods; then if every mods don't approve it, it will be deleted it automatically 3 days later. But now, some mods just delete them before other mods have a chance to review them. That's why I sometimes undelete 'low-res' images.

If you just delete them merely due to low-res that fast (<3d), then why we have a queue for 'em? Just make a rule of: less than 1500x1500 = die.
and about 'disrespectful': I don't think doing this is respectful to other mods and uploader.
You should really have asked this on IRC

If there is an objective issue with the image then it should be deleted, but if it 'low-res' or if you are unsure leave it in the queue. Though I have a feeling the auto-delete is broken?

I don't understand your disrespectful comment though.
not every mods are on irc, at least at the same time..
Objective flaws found in an image should be included in reason of deletion. I also have to undelete "low-res" images sometimes.