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crease lolita_fashion screening suzuhira_hiro

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Some one was looking for this?
A little fix would be nice to make it an awesome wallpaper :)
Awesome! Thanks Wraith! The black version is indeed better.
You were absolutely right aoie emesai.
@moutonzare - My attempt at a fix: post #24954
The black and white with the low contrast blue makes this gothic outfitted image quite beautiful.
thank you Van, it's fine for me ^^
the black beats the pink one anytime. I'd only wished they used the black one as the main cover also.
Abao - I'd say from a publishing point of view, the black one doesn't gives off such a pleasant outlook than the pink one. I think the pink version of it was a better choice than the black.

Also it, would've been harder to scan it too if it was ^^ Since the cover has that rounded section where it wraps around the bindings.