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dounatsuko photoshop ryohka seifuku skirt_lift thighhighs

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I got this Dengeki Moeoh june edition too, but sadly they did not even have this image in the "Rhyoka Illustration" pages of this book. I was acutally surprised to not even see this illustration on other than the cover, but I knew this image was gonna eventually reach Moe anyway.

Thanks a bunch, Peto ^^
Not my edit--this reconstruction is well beyond me...
I also got that issue. This edit is really something... especially that fold on the dress, a nice trick to remove the text.
peto - I actually don't know why this was tagged as photoshop. Since this looks more like an original. You know the artist always have a blank one for other purposes.

ps: If this was a detexted / reconstructed version of the Cover, I want a some lessons from this person ^^ *drool*
The unedited parts are pixel-by-pixel identical to post #22860, which would never happen with two scans, so it's got to be either a digital original or a photoshop. I'm just assuming nobody's leaking moeoh masters...