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is it just me or is the big picture off??
>.>' ..... ok. "View larger version" and "Download larger version (3.41 MB JPG)" are not working for me..... also not working in sankaku complex, but it did work in danbooru.... thanks anyway
Probably because the internet browser you're using can't handle huge images. Just right click and "save link as" instead.
right, thats why my internet explorer didnt work so i switched to firefox wich did the exact same thing...... so just for kicks i went online on my ps3 and..... WOW.... still didnt work..... and i did try saving the link as, but all it did was crate a file with errors that didnt allow me to open so i dont know what happend here and at sankaku complex since both files i couldnt open on a large version, then i found it at danbooru, same image, same size and it did open up on my internet browsers and ps3.... so i guess they can handle huge files.... im just saying so someone would check it out
I know it doesn't work in firefox, but should work in chrome and opera.