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ass breasts ciel_(company) fault!! nipples no_bra panty_pull saeki_ai seifuku shirt_lift tony_taka undressing

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tony is getting too lazy lately
pictures like that really make you wonder if he's not doing the whole wrong foot thing on purpose. i mean you cant get it wrong that often! especially not as a pro
A serious mistake for him.
nisnegativeone said:
Is there a tag to indicate mistakes made by artist?
i can see thousands of post tagged
Uuhh... What's the mistake? Someone please help point it out...
At first didn't see it, but then common sense punch me in the face.
Still is fapable.
Should we create a "wrong foot" tag?
"wrong foot"?
I don't think so.
CrossHack said:
Should we create a "wrong foot" tag?
Simply not necessary. The site's trying to stay minimalistic about tagging.