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akemi_homura gyuufa pantyhose puella_magi_madoka_magica wallpaper

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this is not homura, not the hair ,not the breast .
-Same hair style
-Same clothes
-Soul Gem

She IS Homura
Not just that, the artist tagged her as akemi_homura, so that pretty much settles it right there.
as416108932 said:
this is not homura, not the hair ,not the breast .
I think you are crazy. :D
it's the size of breasts, he meant Homura cannot be this big
In a few years it's possible.
Homura's breast is quite normal, the author and audience didn't mentions her breast size too much as some other characters. For example, if someone draw a Bamami, he will clearly draw a big breast because that's obvious. But Homura is different, maybe the "BreastSize_AkemiHomura" propertiy in the artist's head is not Initialized, so he would directly assign it a default value, usually this is fine because most artist's "BreastSize_Undefined" value is quite near Homu's acutual breast, expect there is a unusual brian, in this picture.