ass fuyukawa_motoi lancis misaka_mikoto monochrome naked pantsu string_panties to_aru_kagaku_no_railgun to_aru_majutsu_no_index undressing

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Can someone put some context to this picture? I assume it's from one of the light novels. Why are they undressed in what appears to be an alley with people approaching? Who is the completely naked girl, Misaka Worst?
fluke said:
Can someone put some context to this picture?
Artist is a prev who likes drawing Misaka naked? :P
I have a weird thought... the one closer to us is a TX-800-class Misakanator and she looks exactly like the one in front of her whom she ordered to undress in order to have sex before she sends her to the past. This thesis is supported by the torn t-shirt in the front, which obviously seems to have bullets go through it.
it looks like one page in the origin comic but i can't remenber where. maybe next episode?
It's from Railgun SS2, a short light novel. Can't recall the name of the character but it's not misaka imouto.
岸谷新罗 said: