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Matsuo-sama to musume toji (Matsuo-sama and a Girl Sake Brewer)


When 丨 was given the theme of a ‘Japanese scene’, I remembered the solemn atmosphere I experienced when I went to see sake being brewed. Recently, we have seen the appearance of women brewers, but in the past, women were forbidden from even entering the building where the sake was brewed because it was believed that the goddess of sake brewing, Matsuo-sama, was jealous of other women being present. The image behind this picture is that Matsuo-sama finds the efforts of the young girl sake brewer heartwarming and she is watching over her benevolently.
The image is of a sake brewery but rather than create a realistic scene, I thought I would draw an illustration that depicted the culture of this unique Japanese drink, of which we should be very proud.
Writing this comment has made me want to drink some more delicious sake.
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