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Shimawatasni no tsukasa (Priestess in Charge of Island Crossings)





Difrerent gods are enshrined on different islands and usually they are unable to travel elsewhere.
One of the gods thought that if its shrine were to be placed on an water buffalo cart it would be possible to travel from island to island. This gave rise to the 'priestess in charge of island crossings'.
The dark blue umbrella with the night stars on the inside comes from the famous mythical Utopia, called Ninai Kaniai, that exists over the sea is sung of in ancient songs...sorry, that is something that I just made up.

I am sure that you have all tried to imagine what it would be like in some distant country you know nothing about, for instance, the way that foreigners try to imagine ninja!! That sort of thing.

This illustration probably resembles that, just a mixed up fantasy like an Okinawan chanpuru, a kind of ‘fairy tale’. Sitting astride a water buffalo?! Don’t think too much about this or the other elements in the picture.
asian_clothes kokonobi umbrella

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