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Fuyu no basutei to shojotachi (Girls Waiting at the Bus Stop in Winter)


As with my illustrations for last year and the year before’s ‘Eshi 100’, this work combines my personal worldview and the seasons. I do not know where it is situated, but the scene depicts two girls on their way to school, waiting at a bus stop on a bridge over a valley with a hot spring resort situated in it. This kind of unexpected scene is quite common in areas containing hot springs and typical of a place like Japan that is renowned for its number of hot springs resorts. Personally, I like the sulfurous odor of hot springs and prefer those with cloudy water, I am sure that the hot springs below this bridge will be good ones...while I was drawing this, I thought how awesome it would be if this kind of hot spring were to suddenly appear next to my house. I look forward to seeing you again.
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I saw this pic on this site at least 3 times...