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ltu"mi Sakurazawa

Ume no hand Sdku jinja to komainu (Plum Blossom and Guardian Dog at a Shrine)




Congratulations on the event of ‘Eshi 100 vol.03’ exhibition!
I am very glad to have had this opportunity to participate once more; my name is Itu” mi Sakurazawa.

The theme this year is ‘a scene’ and it took me a long time to decide what to draw, but eventually I settled on the image of a nearby shrine when the plum trees are in bloom.

The two girls I drew in the foreground with dog-ears are personifications of the shrine’s guardian dogs.
Guardian dogs are generally depicted with the one on the right having its mouth open and the one on the left with it closed (although there are exceptions), and so I have depicted the girl on the right as being lively and the one on the left as quiet.
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