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Itoh Ben

Tenchu enma shinbatsu no tsurugi (The Sword of Enma's Divine Punishment and Heavenly Retribution)


最近の日本では世界の英雄や偉人を萌えキャラ化することが流行していま すが、今回は日本の古代からよく描かれるモチーフの『地獄と極楽の世界』 をべ一スに、「閻魔大王」や地獄の「赤鬼」や「青鬼」を萌えキャラ化してみ ました。
タイトルの「天誅閻魔神罰之剣」は萌えキャラ化した女閻魔大王が持ってい る炎の剣のことで、これを振るって地獄に流れてきた罪人達の罰を斬り捨て ます。

「閻魔大王」は初めて黄泉の世界に来た人物だと言われていますが、本当は どんな姿をしているのでしようかね?

My name is Itoh Ben

Recently there is a trend in Japan to depict historical heroes or great people as moe characters, and so in this picture I have decided to use the traditional Japanese motif of ‘Heaven and Hell’ as a base, creating moe characters representing Enma Daio (Yama, the Judge of the afterlife), and the ‘red demons’ and ‘blue demons’ that inhabit Hades. The sword in the title is the sword of fire held by the moe Enma character, and when it is wielded, it cuts away the punishments meted out to the evil people who have been cast down into Hell.

It is said that Enma Daio was the first person to come to Hades, but wonder what his true form is?
He is not somebody I would like to meet, but I think I would like to catch a glimpse of him.
cleavage horns itoh_ben thighhighs

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